How To Contribute

Anyone who shares our values of opposition to Brexit and regaining full membership of the European Union can submit a song, poem or sketch and contribute their own audio material to the next episode of Sixteen Million Rising. To qualify for inclusion, all material must be received by the Saturday night prior to Monday's new episode, and be sent, in any audio format via email. Check our social media for upcoming show details.

And getting your views on the show couldn't be simpler! Record whatever you'd like to say, host your own interview, produce a sketch, promote an idea, event or initiative: the choice is yours! Listen back to check for blips and background noise, then upload the file to us, in any format, via our email address:

Contributions may be edited before broadcast and should be no more than 60 seconds in length. Don't forget to check out previous shows to see how others have contributed. Can't wait to hear from you!

To support the show with an amount of your choice, please visit our 'GoFundMe' page here: 

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