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Free availability of the Sixteen Million Rising show is not possible without your support! If you like what we're doing you can now sponsor the show on a regular basis while retaining full control over how you give. 

Simply email us to request joining one of the four Sponsorship Levels below and we'll send you an invoice at the same time every month. Consider it a "reminder" which you can either pay or ignore! Although it would be nice if you'd let us know you no longer wish to receive them! We'll simply end your Sponsorship, no worries!

As a thank EU, you'll be given immediate access to our 'Early Risers Club!' and will receive a digital download of ALL future shows 24 hours before they go on air! Click the graphics below for more!

Fair, secure sponsorship - without the unethical catch of Direct Debit "amnesia" - that's how we roll!

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If you'd prefer to support us with a "one off" donation, please visit our 'GoFundMe' page here: 

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Disclaimer: The creators of this website and Radio Show do not claim to represent the views of all 16,141,241 Remain Voters, but aim to speak on their behalf in the wake of the UK's Referendum on membership of the European Union. Please address all communication to:


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